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Why choose mobybak tracking solutions?

Because our tracking solutions support business or personal objectives not the other way around.

If you want to protect your most valuable assets, mobybak geolocationsolutions are the most accessible, affordable and socially responsible solutions available on the market.

We understand that you want to protect your family and your mobile assets. We can offer you security and peace of mind. Technology is a means not an end in itself.

mobybak - family

You want to see your family travel safely, and our mobybak-family solution is behind you. Our solutions are based on an educational and socially responsible approach. You set the conditions and mobybak helps you follow them. It's simple, effective and fair, and our non-confrontational approach doesn't endanger the driver's instinct. We also offer risk reduction tell your insurance company.

mobybak - enterprise

Whether it's a fleet of road vehicles, taxis or your mobybak fleet, mobybak - enterprise is your partner in productivity and remote management, regardless of the type of fleet. You can also considerably reduce insurance premiums. Tell us what you need and our experts will help you find the best solution. Or, you may be satisfied with our turnkey solution. You choose from the full range of plans for the one that suits you and you determine the level of monitoring and control.

Don't wait any longer. mobybakcan be your new driving companion. Install mobybak and let it do the job for you.

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