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mobybak's mission is very simple: providing secure GPS tracking solutions

Our mission is your peace of mind trough an accessible approach.

Our name combines Moby (the famous whale), and 'mobi' (as in mobile). When it comes to tracking systems, nature is superior to technology. Whales have a unique built-in sensor, like a GPS system. It guides them over thousands of miles, lets them communicate over long distances and locate obstacles by echolocation. That's why the image of the whale is ideal for our product.

BAK is a diminutive of "Back", which, combined with MOBY, sounds like "BE BACK". That sums up our mission: bring your loved ones and your mobile assets safely home.

Freedom for drivers. Peace of mind for parents. Safety for everyone.

Our values

1. Honour our commitments
2. Protect our children by improving their safety
3. Improve our products to suit client’s needs
4. Improve the quality of life by contributing to socially responsible products.


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