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With mobybak-enterprise, you get simple, real-time fleet management.

For transport services, taxis, deliveries, company cars mobybak-enterprise business follows you wherever you go.

Relax. Let a complete fleet management solution do all the work.

• Your clients are waiting for an important delivery?
• Vehicle theft increasing your insurance costs?
•You need to keep close tabs on your mobile assets?

Save money and relax let our fleet management solutions do all the work. Our experts serve your needs and we can adapt our solutions to your specific challenges. You'll be impressed with our range of turnkey and customized solutions.

Leave it to mobybak's real-time tracking solutions to manage your fleet on the road.

Knowledge keeps you moving!


Taxi dispatch

Managing a taxi fleet is a challenge. With mobybak-enterprise, you always know where your drivers are and dispatch is made easier. Protect your customers, your staff and your assets, while improving productivity in real time.


Optimized delivery

You need modern methods to meet the challenges of customer demands and soaring transportation costs. mobybak-enterprise, offers real time delivery monitoring, so you can provide quality service, reduce human intervention and improve overall management.


Well-connected representation

Whatever the reasons for using a corporate vehicle, it's the company's responsibility. Any business concerned with productivity wants to manage their mobile assets. mobybak supports your concern for your employees' safety. And you benefit from reduced insurance premiums.

Moby I

299.99$ *

Moby I is designed specifically for all motor vehicles manufac-
tured since 1996. Demo. OBDll uses 4 protocols ,  Show Div

and we manage all of them. Any car brand or model can apply the easy-to-install Moby 1 if it meets post-1996 standards.

Buy Moby I

Moby II

299.99$ *

This solution is installed alone or with the help of a technician. Installation involves connecting the positive, negative and ignition of your vehicle's battery.   Show Div

No need for you to worry about battery life. The power is automatically disconnected when no movement is detected after 5 minutes. Additional consumption is minimal.

Buy Moby II

* Includes activation fee of the mobybak unit.