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FAQ - Questions et réponses

mobybak currently has user agreements with ROGERS, which serves major metropolitan areas across Canada. To find out more about ROGERS coverage, click here.
You may also use mobybak in the United States with the TOUR THE US option at $14.99 / month. This option lets you track your vehicles, even outside of Canada. Please contact us to activate this option.
· Our tracking system is similar to a GPS security tracking system. Your insurance company might agree to give you a discount related to a security system. We are pursuing initiatives with Canadian insurers, who have been slow to follow their American counterparts regarding age-related risk-reduction discounts. We suggest you shop around for companies that recognize risk reduction. Insurers might respond to public demand.
· We have 3 plans: bronze, silver and gold. Each is designed to meet your needs for follow-up and control. Although the "bronze" plan is best to start with, each situation is unique. The "gold" plan might be best for young drivers, who are more at risk. You can choose according to your needs. We recommend you read about our different plans.
· Nothing could be easier! Installation of Moby I is extremely simple. You can use our website for easy configuration. With just a few clicks, you can monitor and coach your young driver or track whatever is important you.
· Yes, you can change your plan at any time. Changes are applied to the next billing cycle.
· Moby I is specifically designed for all motor vehicles manufactured since 1996. OBDll uses 4 protocols and we control all of them. Any car brand or model can use the easy-to-install Moby 1 if it meets post-1996 standards.

· For Moby II: Only connects the positive, negative and ignition of your vehicle's wiring. You do not need to worry about battery life. The power is automatically disconnected when no movement is detected after 5 minutes. Additional consumption is minimal.

In the event of incompatibility between Moby I and certain vehicles*, Moby II is 100% compatible with all vehicles.

* Hybrid vehicles, Ford trucks F-150 2006-2007.
· We use two tracking systems: first, satellite, to identify locations on the map.
· Then, signals are sent via a cellular data account. Everything is sent to our server and the information is directed to your secure account, which is accessible via

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